By: John  Mayshash and  Jimena Vera Psaró

It is possible that Native Americans have their origin in migrants from Asia who came to the Western Hemisphere by the Bering Strait about 50,000 years ago. Their descendants are scattered throughout the southern cone eventually forming various civilizations and subcultures.
The territory of Peru, was inhabited for 20,000 years by different groups of hunters and gatherers. Between 6000 and 3000 BC, some people who perfected the domestication of animals and agricultural processes, settled in a large territory of sedentary way.
The beginning of the great culture and civilization INCA began 1000 years BC influencing the development of important cultures in America; when the great Inca invasion throughout the South American region began.
A century later, formed the manors and ethnic confederations, based in the highlands, colonized the valleys to the east and west of the Andes mountains, the mid-fifteenth century, the Incas conquered and subdued the altiplano Aymara tribes.

Integrating by coastal and Andean routes, Inca roads were not only the main form of bartering, trading, sales and trade between Amerindians, was his main important survival mode.

These routes, which Chaskis messengers or runners, made​​, were made up of sidewalks, roads, trails, bridges, floating bridges; made with reeds, stone bridges and bridges tree trunk. On the slopes of the hills, the Inca engineering was quite sophisticated, the roadside was reinforced from below, claiming the land on blown into the abyss while avoiding falling Runner messenger.